Los Sonidos de las Olas

The guesthouse «Los Sonidos de las Olas» is located in a quiet and cozy spot o place on the ocean. House name in Spanish means "Sounds of the Waves" and it is fully justified. The only sounds that accompany your sleep - it's the sound of ocean waves. The house is located directly on the wide sandy beach that looks practically private.

In the courtyard there is a small garden with a natural green lawn and a swimming pool with three water levels, including a level for small children. Throughout the house and in every apartment there is WiFi - high speed internet, connected to the optical cable. Guests have access to a washing machine.

The house is perfect for a quiet family holiday with children. Also, guests have the opportunity to take a journey with their pets.

The place where the house is located is quiet and not crowded. Here you can fully enjoy nature, silence and other delights of a country holiday. Nevertheless, there do not have to feel uncomfortable by the remoteness of civilization. The airport is 25 kilometers, the nearest shopping center in 15.

Studio Apartment with Terrace / One-Bedroom Apartment

$60 / $40 per night on weekdays
$90 / $60 per night on weekends and holidays
$360 / $240 per week (save 25%)
$930 / $620 per month (save 55%)
$630 / $420 per month (long term rentals of 6 months or more)